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Pulse 8

A gym that Innovates and sets industry trends. Our facilities are designed around providing excellence in Strength, Conditioning and Wellbeing goals.

Pulse 8 caters for all fitness needs, whether your goal is strength gain, conditioning and weight loss or wellbeing and relaxation.

Complete with a 20 strong Gym Team, available to support and educate you throughout your fitness journey and to ensure that you achieve your goals.

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Pulse 8?

Our most recent innovation is ‘The P8 Cube’ comprising of six areas that are all designed with Pulse 8’s  colour coded Philosophy in mind.

The Cube offers TRX, Vipr, Combat, Kettlebells, Studio Cycling, Gravity, Rip Trainer and Metabolic Conditioning. Each method can be used individually or in carefully crafted small group classes which ensure goals are accomplished in a fun and motivating fashion.

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Pulse 8 offers over 150 classes per week, each class is categorised into one of the three colours represented in the Pulse 8 Philosophy in order to simplify your fitness journey.

From Body Pump and Circuit classes, Studio Cycling and Zumba to Nordic Walking and Yoga, we offer a variety of classes to suit your training goals.

Please see our Class Timetable here for further details.